colonel, Samuel McGowan, took over leadership while Perrin became commander of the 14th South Carolina.

Promoted to full colonel in January 1863, Perrin led his regiment during the Chancellorsville Campaign. Fighting with its customary elan, the Brigade

1st South Carolina Regiment (Provisional Army)

Major Comillus Wycliffe McCreary 328 troops present for duty equipped

Co. A Gregg Guard

Co. B Rhett Guard

Co. C Richland Rifles

Co. E Name not available

Co. F Horry Rebels

Co. G Butler Sentinels

Co. H Name not available

Co. I Name not available

Co. K Name not available

Co. L Carolina Light Infantry

1st South Carolina Rifles (Orr's Regiment of Rifles)

Captain William M. Hadden 366 troops present for duty equipped

Cos. A thru H and K and L. All Company names unavailable

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