The Army Of Northern Virginia

II CSA Army Corps

M Corps, like Its sister i Corps, came into existence in 1862 when Lee reorganised the army after the Seven Days' Battles.

Under the command of Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson it achieved enduring renown for its hard, fast marching and lightning battlefield strokes The shocking loss of its commander at Chancellorsville required the Corps

Lieutenant-General Richard Stoddert EweJI. His II Corps had reached Carlisle where he was ordered to concentrate at Gettysburg. Ewell turned south and arrived on the battlefield at about 1430 hrs on July 1st, just in time to strike the Federals in the flank and force a retreat.

to adjust to both a new commander and a modified organisation.

The eccentric Richard Ewell, recovered from his leg amputation caused by a wound at Second Manassas and newly promoted to lieutenant-general, took charge li CORPS

Lieutenant-General Richard Stoddert Ewell

Early's Division

Major-General Jubal Anderson Early Johnson's Division Major-General Edward Johnson Rodes' Division Major-General Robert Emmett Rodes II Corps Reserve Artillery Colonel John Thompson Brown

17 Staff and Field Officers

Escort/Couriers 39th Battalion Virginia Cavalry

Captain William F. Randolph 31 troops present for duty equipped

Co. B Captain William F. Randolph's Co.

Provost Guard Cos. A and B, 1st Battalion North Carolina Sharpshooters

Major Rufus Watson Wharton 94 troops present for duty equipped of the Corps. The men knew and liked "old Bald Head." He had been Jackson's most trusted subordinate during the celebrated Valley Campaign of 1862. The Corps lost A.P. Hill's so-called Light Division and Colquitt's Georgia Brigade.

Among the remaining three divisions, only Jubal Early's stayed intact. Divisional commands went to Edward Johnson, who was returning to duty after a year-long absence spent recovering from a wound, and to Robert Rodes, who ascended from brigade to divisional command. New to the Corps was Daniel's North Carolina Brigade in Rodes' Division,

June 30 found the Corps scattered with Johnson's Division northeast of Chambersburg and Rodes and Early between Carlisle and Gettysburg.

II CSA Corps Casualties at Gettysburg 1st July 1863

Infantry killed or wounded 2,574 Infantry missing/captured 848 Artillery killed or wounded 50 Artillery missing/captured 0


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