Colors And Markings Of White Tanks

British tanks arrived in Russia painted dark green; however, recent research at the Tank Museum indicates that many of those coming directly from France would have been khaki brown. Wrangel had one detachment of tanks in "protective color" according to one White veteran. British tanks bore Royal Tank Corps identification stripes of white-red-white placed vertically on the front sides or horns. Photos also depict the Whippets with vertical red-white-red-white-red stripes 011 the front and rear lower sloping plates. This pattern apparently deviated from official Tank Corps charts.

Russian tricolor roundels were painted 011 the cabs of the Whippets, especially under Wrangel. Denikin does not seem to have employed either the roundel or chevron, hut sometimes painted the Russian tricolor horizontally on the horns of the Mark V. Wrangel continued this horizontal scheme. The Northwest Army painted this tricolor flag vertically in the same position.


British personnel unofficially named their tanks in white, either on the side, as in the Whippet Lave Child photographed in the Kuban, or 011 the front sloping plate of a Mark V, as in the Captain Cmmie. This latter tank additionally had two crossed flags, a British Union Jack flag and a St. Andrew's flag painted above its name. The Whites named their tanks in white or black, the names appearing on the front plate or front sides of a Mark V or 011 the sides of the cab of a Whippet.

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