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Authors' acknowledgements

We would like to thank Maxim Kolomiets who contributed several photograpf as well as the following Russian historians: Sergei Volkov, Michael Blinov, Alexander Voronov, Timur Jalilov, Sergei Gnedin, Sergei Ivanikov. Vladimir Lobytsyn, Maria Maltseva and Vladimir Peredery,

David Bullock's acknowledgements

I would like to thank my parents for financial support that made my trips to Russia and the Ukraine possible. Major Clint Markusch, USAF (ret.) sacrificec many evenings photocopying and Sergei Drobiazko assisted with vital communications in Moscow. David Fletcher of the Tank Museum provided professional and courteous assistance. Major Craig Martelle. USMC. (ret.) provided vital contacts while serving at the American Embassy in Moscow. Major Tom Hillman, USA. greatly assisted with translations and offered real partnership while helping solve several important questions.

Author's note

We have examined White and Allied armor. For the most part, we have not examined the armor of the newly emergent nations that were neither White ro allied to the Whites. There is a 13-day difference between the Gregorian calendar used in the West (and by the Reds after the Revolution) and the oldĀ« Julian calendar which is referenced in many White Army archives, especially the southern theater. For example, according to the Gregorian calendar, the "October Revolution" of 1917 actually took place in November 1917. We hav attempted to ensure that dates given in this book follow the Gregorian calenc Most armored fighting vehicles had names and we have tried to translate tho of them that "make sense" into English, whilst transliterating those that migh' not. We have not adopted a strict methodology when spelling names and geographical locations; rather, we have tried to go with spellings most comprehensible to a Western audience. This book is the first of a two-part series. The words "division" and "divizion" In the text should not be confusec Translated from Russian, "divizion" means two or more armored car or tank detachments, or two or more batteries (each armored train equaling a batten

Artist's note

Readers may care to note that the original paintings from which the color pla in this book were prepared are available for private sale. All reproduction copyright whatsoever is retained by the Publishers. All enquines should be addressed to:

Andrei Yurievich Aksenov, Moldagulovoy Street 10, Korpus 3, Kvartira 78. Moscow, 111395 Russia

The Publishers regret that they can enter into no correspondence upon this matter.

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