Lake Huron

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The Civil War wrecks on Lake Huron were the result of accidents. Lake Huron was a route of commerce between the United States and Canada.

Kelloha. Union. Side-wheel steamer, 396 tons. Built in 1858 at Newport, Mich. Was stranded on August 22, 1862. (MSV 120, 274.)

Kenosha. Union. Screw steamer, 645 tons. Built in 1856 at Cleveland. Burned on October 26, 1864, at Sarnia, Ontario. (MSV, 120, 274.)

Keystone State. Union. Side-wheel steamer, 1,354 tons. Cargo of hardware, crockery, farm implements, glassware, and $3,000-$9,000 in gold in a safe. Built in 1849 at Buffalo, N.Y. Sank at latitude 44° 4' north, longitude 83° west on October 30, 1861. Thought to be located 3-3.5 miles northeast of Port Austin, near Saginaw Bay, Mich. (MSV, 121, 274; Nesmith and Potter, Treasure, 131.)

Pewabic. Union. Screw steamer, 350 or 738 tons. Cargo of 250-300 tons of copper ingots and ore, $40,000^50,000 in the safe ($250,000 gold and silver specie according to one story which proved to be false), and 175-80 passengers.

Built in 1863 at Cleveland. Sank in upper Lake Huron in 120-80 feet of water with 125 killed when the Pewabic was rammed by the Meteor, its sister ship, off Thunder Bay near Aplena, Mich., on August 8-9, 1864, at latitude 45° 6' north, longitude 83° 13' west. Currents are extremely treacherous in this area. At least 10 divers have died on this wreck: 1 in 1865, 3 between 1880 and 1884, 1 in 1891, and 5 in a diving bell in 1895. Some copper was reportedly recovered in the early dives. A 1917 salvage attempt recovered 70 tons of copper, beer, clothing, rings, a revolver, gold coins, shoes, and the safe. Some paper money in the safe was Confederate and only $5 was recognizable. (MSV, 171, 289; Wrigley, "Treasure Ships of the Great Lakes," Treasure Search, 77; Rieseberg, Guide to Buried Treasure, 60; Remick, "Treasure Ships of Lake Huron," True Treasure, 37-39; Hollister, "Sunken Treasure of the Great Lakes," Western Treasures, 25.)

Water Witch. Union. Screw steamer, 369 tons. Carried a mixed cargo. Built in 1862 at Newport, Mich. Sank, with twenty lives lost, in October 1863 at latitude 44° 25' north, longitude 83° 19' west. Thought to be located less than 2 miles off Oscoda, Mich., near Saginaw Bay. (MSV, 305; Nesmith and Potter, Treasure, 131.)

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