Lake Michigan

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Lake Michigan served as a link between Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Canada. Wrecks on Lake Michigan resulted from storms and accidents.

Alvin Clark. Union. Two-mast schooner. Length 110 feet. Sank on June 29, 1864, in Green Bay. Found in 1967 in 110 feet of water by Frank Hoffman, of Egg Harbor, Wis. The silt was pumped out, and the vessel was raised by cables on July 29, 1969. No conservation was done on the recovered wreck. It rotted away on shore. In 1995 it was bulldozed and taken to the dump. (Burgess, Sinkings, Salvages, and Shipwrecks, 152-53.)

Black Hawk. Union. Brig. Cargo of $4,000 in specie and stained glass. Foundered during a gale in November 1862

off Point Betsie near latitude 44° 42' north, longitude 86° 16' west. (Nesmith and Potter, Treasure, 130.)

M. Fannie Stafford. U.S. screw steamer, 42 tons. Built in 1863 at Buffalo, N.Y. Exploded on June 19, 1865, at Chicago. (MSV, 133, 278.)

Minnesota. Union. Side-wheel steamer, 749 tons. Built in 1851 at Maumee, Ohio. Was stranded on September 27, 1861, at Green Bay, Wis. (MSV, 146, 281.)

Torch Lake. Union. Screw steamer, 20 tons. Built in 1860 at Cleveland. Foundered in November 1864 at Sturgeon Bay, Wis. (MSV 214, 302.)

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